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          Cluster of new businesses sign up for Chamber memberships in July | Glasgow Chamber of Commerce_AG平台最新网址
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          Cluster of new businesses sign up for Chamber memberships in July

          We’re thrilled to welcome a host of new members at Glasgow Chamber of Commerce, with companies from a range of sectors signing up for memberships in the month of July, as we strive to support our members through the pandemic.

          Professional services company Accenture has joined as a gold partner, as it works with clients to outmanoeuvre the uncertainty caused by the global pandemic by providing technology, business and management consultation.

          Created in response to Covid19, deep cleaning company SCANDI Scotland Ltd, has signed up for membership along with other businesses such as the Scottish Business Resilience Centre and Adeptic Ltd, both of which are assisting businesses to get back up and running during the pandemic.

          Lochend Finance, an independent broker, also joined last month, along with two financial service experts - GovGrant and Murphy Wealth Ltd.  In addition, SafeDeposits Scotland Ltd, which is the leading tenancy deposit scheme in Scotland, has also come on board, along with tender and bid consultancy 4S Bid Ltd, water treatment specialist Ballast Water Solutions, and executive coaching firm McGowan Devlin Ltd.

          With IT and tech companies experiencing a higher demand for the latest solutions for working at home, tech companies Kick ICT, CityFibre and AbilityNet have signed up to become Chamber members.

          We very much look forward to working with all our new members in the coming months.

          If you wish to enquire about membership or learn more about options, you can visit the membership section on the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce website or contact: membership@glasgowchamberofcommerce.com

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